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The camper was filled with thousands more rounds and another ammunition drum, as well as a shotgun.

patriarch Billy, the Browns have lived in the Alaskan wilderness for 30 years.

Summer has officially arrived, and for those who would like to marvel at the great outdoors from the comfort of their own couch, is broadcasting the fourth season of its highly anticipated reality show: Bearcam.

With HD cameras set up around Alaska’s Katmai National Park, you can now watch hundreds of bears in action, catching salmon upstream and raising their young.

Billy’s oldest son Matt, 33, even hangs out at the lodge’s bar and restaurant.

According to a separate source, Matt — who as Radar exclusively reported, was once arrested for DUI after having sex with a girl he met in a Juneau bar— is ready and eager to hook up with girls on his home turf.

“Matt is very good with the ladies, charming and funny. “He holds nothing back when trying to get up a girl’s skirt. ” Crew members from the family’s Discovery Channel reality show often kick back at the Icy Strait as well, the source adds.

Authorities, including Brauchler, praised the actions of first responders, saying their quick response undoubtedly prevented further bloodshed.Previous Bearcams have shown grizzlies slain and eaten, cubs rescued and cast away and riveting battles over fishing territories. is introducing a feature that allows viewers to take a snapshot of the live feed and share it, with daily contests to display the best screen captures.Viewers can also ask questions about the bears through blog posts, tweets and live chats with park rangers.“We hope people turn to this for inspiration and when they do, they will see lessons these creatures have for us — about cohabitation, instinct and beauty,” said founder Charles Annenberg Weingarten in a news release.One camera is at Brooks Falls, where the National Park Service says you can “see the biggest, most dominant bears jockey for position” and “watch mother bears teach their cubs lessons in survival.” As most reality shows promise, you can expect lots of drama.

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