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We can measure the difference between their orientation and the present position of the pole, which can give us the date of the burning episode.

When material such as clay or earth is heated to above 650 degrees Celsius (the Curie Point), such as in a hearth or kiln, the existing magnetism of iron particles in the soil is wiped clean and they are re-magnetised.

In certain parts of the world (for specific time periods), it is possible to date archaeological samples by comparing the declination, inclination and intensity values recorded in the archaeomagnetic samples (these 3 values describe the geomagnetic field vector) with the known changes in the geomagnetic field.

One of the great things about archaeomagnetism (in my opinion) is the variety of ways in which you can use it.

Then the discs and the small blocks of soil attached beneath them are carefully removed.

In the lab afterwards, the difference in orientation between the line showing the present magnetic pole and the orientation of the magnetised particles in the soil, reflecting the pole's position at the time of burning, can be determined.

Magnetic particles are always oriented towards the magnetic north pole, and this is fixed at the time of burning.

In contemporaneity studies, or relative dating, sample VGPs are compared to each other to determine whether they are statistically different at the 5% significance level.The archaeological dating technique of archaeomagnetic dating was introduced to the field of archaeology in the 1960s by researcher Robert Dubois. Klein 1993 Archaeomagnetic dating on the Great Plains. The remaining mean VGPs cannot be statistically distinguished from that of the sample, and their associated date range(s) is assigned to the sample VGP.Because secular variation is a repetitive looping motion through time, it is possible to have multiple date options for a feature.

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