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She then turned to each of them saying, “I love you, I love you! “Over the [moon emoji], beyond excited to be sharing the stage w @xtina on @NBCThe Voice tonight.

” Porter, who is best-known for her role in , was an early frontrunner for this season. Someone please collect me off the floor when we’re done,” Grande tweeted.

“We bickered a little bit in the beginning, to be totally truthful, we had a little bit of a rough start, just kind of all getting to know each other,” he told MTV. “She’s great, and all of that is sensationalized media BS .

coaches Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani and Christina Aguilera. Ever since Christina returned to the swiveling red chair this season, rumors have been flying that Blake was furious that she stole the spot of his honey bun Gwen.

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Adam Levine, a Maroon 5 frontembere, Ariane Grande, tinisztr s Christina Aguilera is vendgei voltak az amerikai Tonight Show-nak.

He even reportedly threatened to quit if the "Beautiful" singer came back.

Of course, she did come back, and has been fulfilling her duties this season with her usual sass and random belting out of high notes during critiques.

Meg kell hagyni, ennek a nnek azrt mg mindig rletesen j hangja van.

But, later in the season The Voice will be live and in front of an audience, we can’t wait to see if Christina and Gwen’s feud turns to a full-blown physical catfight.

Or maybe Christina will have a The Voice meltdown on camera and curse out Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton?

But it's only a temporary stay for Team Xtina, as you may have heard.

Miley Cyrus will replace her next season, and is making the overblown assumption that Blake got the blonde beauty fired.

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