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The motherboard has Intel 5 series 3400 SATA AHCI controller, what version upgrades would be needed for this series?It appears to be V11 from what I've read but I'm not sure if that would be for section 13 or 14 of my BIOS.

BIOS 55 may not also include the update to the EC which controls the fan, so updating to this BIOS without first updating from the first link above is unlikely to change fan operation.I have just recently ordered 4 4TB drives to put in a RAID configuration with a non raided SSD, but after purchasing the drive I saw online that the BIOS won't recognise the full 4Tb, further online searching on how to fix the problem has brought me to this interesting site.Know the only problem I have is what sections of the BIOS I should update and with what version drivers, I got a CBROM output of my BIOS h57musb3.f9From what I understand so far, the sections that I will need to update are No 13 PCI ROM A and No 14 PCI ROM B, is that correct or are there others that should also need upgrading ?I think that part went well, but when reconfiguring the bios, I neglected to change the data storage setting from ide to raid (at least those are the terms I remember).In the boot device menu, I selected one of the two hdd that normally are the raid array, which didn't seem right, but anyways that's what I did.

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