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" I'd experienced love before, but never had it pounded so loudly, never had it shaken my life up the way it did a year ago.Since that fateful day when he walked into the airport and into my life, I've learned so much about myself, about my life, about what it means to truly, honestly, openly love.She nodded while I told her I hadn’t yet discovered anything about him that irritates me or gives me pause.We laughed about how he’d met my kids just that week but they don’t yet know the significance of the meeting – I introduced him as simply a friend.(For more on some of the lessons I've learned, check out the two-part series 30 Lessons I Learned From Love.) And, after a year of this love, I can honestly say that the excitement of the beginning, the thrill of those early days with him, is still there. Like any great love, there have been some challenges over the past year, but none of the difficulties we've faced have challenged the way we feel for each other.

Like a crash of thunder in the middle of a deep sleep, it woke me and I was suddenly sitting upright in my bed, looking wide-eyed all around me, and thinking, "What was ?!

“So, I heard your boyfriend is cute,” my friend said to me when we got together two weeks ago.

We hadn’t seen each other since last year, a shocking realization considering we live only 20 miles apart, and were catching up before an open mic event in the Big City. ” All of my friends are happy to learn I’ve met a great man, but let me tell you – it’s the married ones who know they’ll never have to experience the awkwardness of a first date again who seem to love to hear about my dating life most of all.

Then a new guy showed up, and I barely noticed a flap as he went from occasionally asking me to dinner to making a surprise late-night run to Borders after I mentioned needing a book for work.

Or when I sat dejectedly awaiting my turn in housing court and he filled my phone's inbox with supportive texts.

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It’s that feeling down in your belly that wiggles and burns, then jumps into your chest as you check your phone for the 10th time for a text from him or her. We think to ourselves, “This person works them up so much, they must be crazy about him or her.” The reality, however, is that pain and anxiety are not signs of passion; they are just pain and anxiety. In the beginning of a developing relationship, you may feel preoccupied with powerful feelings. However, as a relationship builds, those unnerving feelings can be indicators the relationship is not truly serving you.

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