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One of the claims that Comcast makes of their Constant Guard™ Protection Suite is that it “Conceals what you type online to protect your personal information”.Unfortunately Comcast does not explain what data is protected or how it is protected.Description of Issue: A recent update to the version of Norton Security Suite that is provided by Comcast to its subscribers may reset all firewall settings and remove exceptions for Sesame.This can result in network connecivity issues when running Sesame in a Client/Server environment.Find this under "My computer" or "Control Panel." Scroll through the programs that are installed, and click on Norton. Then, put in the installation disk or go to the site where you downloaded Norton.

For your Android based devices, you use Norton Mobile Security.

We noticed that Norton Anti-virus box in with the laptop and thought my brother had purchased it, so I would have to install it against my better judgment after the Mc Afee trial.

The second thing to happen was MS security updates would not download.

I talk to my brother to tell him I have to remove Norton and does he want to try and get a refund for it.

My brother was a computer geek in high school in the mid to late 80's and then university for computer sciences.

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