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Grapevine tendrils have even been found buried next to human remains.

"The vine accompanied the buried person in their journey to the hereafter," Lordkipanidze said.

Declared a Unesco World Heritage site in 1999, the 47 000ha area, some 40km north-west of Johannesburg, is the richest hominin fossil site in the world – 40% of the world’s hominin fossils have been discovered here.

Excavations continue at the site, where already 950 hominin fossils and over 9 000 stone tools have been found.

The best argument for good science is that it deplores waste.Asking how a cherry tree would design an energy efficient building is only one of the creative 'practices' that Mc Donough and Braungart spread, like a field of wild flowers, before their readers.This book will give you renewed hope that, indeed, 'it is darkest before the dawn'" (Carl Pope, Executive Director of the Sierra Club)"Achieving the great economic transition to more equitable, ecologically sustainable societies requires nothing less than a design revolution - beyond today's fossilized industrialism.Berger led the team of scientists from across the globe on the excavation.Fragments of two skeletons were found, one a child, the other an adult.

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The survival of the planet can be re-stated in terms of stimulus, opportunity, challenge and reward.

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