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Her brothers both played soccer, they were professional.“She grew up around sports. We both love kids and family.”Olsson’s brothers, Marcus and Martin Olsson, play professionally for Derby County F. “Everybody that’s met my wife has said she’s great with me. I’m sure there’s some people that think of it to themselves. Race has never been an issue for Nowitzki and Olsson, but their appearance sparked a discussion of sorts:“Nobody actually approached me with it,” Nowitzki said.He was even engaged to her and used to live in Dirk’s house together.Dirk Nowitzki has found the kind of NBA success that is reserved for the elite. By the way, Hoff says he loved when Dirk covered his famous song, "Looking for Freedom" a few years ago ... The Hollywood legend was PUMPED his favorite NBA star scored 30,000 career points this week -- and gave the 38-year-old a little German message to congratulate him!The NBA star and Jessica held the ceremony over the July15th weekend.

Currently, she is working as the associate director of Dallas’ Goss-Michael Foundation Art Gallery.

READ ALSO: Two reasons why Kenyans no longer drink Tusker as they used to Nowitzki, who plays as a forward for the NBA team Dallas Mavericks, Married Jessica Olsson in two weddings one in Kenya and the other in Texas. Olsson’s mother is Kenyan and her father is from Sweden.

The 35-year old first met her hubby, who is a German, in 2010 while he was vacationing in Scotland before officially tying the knot at his palatial estate in Preston Hollow, Texas.

Nowitzki was infatuated from the start:“What made her so special? The family make regular trips to Kenya and Germany when possible.“We don’t want them to just grow up [in Dallas]. We want to show them different cultures, different languages so they can grow up, become educated and make educated decisions when they’re older on where they want to live, what they want to do.”As a full time citizen, Nowitzki shares the concerns of many about the obstacles that his children will meet, being mixed race in America. You have to educate them early enough so they know, this is a person, the higher authority, you need to show them some respect.”In a world in which needless divides are created based on skin color and vitriolic political campaigns are deemed appropriate, it’s refreshing to hear high-profile athletes such as Nowitzki discuss issues such as race in an eloquent and positive manner.

But, I’ve never heard it to my face.“Growing up in Germany, and basketball,” Nowitzki said. I played with the national team where half of my teammates were from Yugoslavia. You try to make it work and chemistry has got to be there.

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