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Interesting enough, financial concerns were cited as the number one reason why men today preferred going Dutch, however, many of those polled stated that they felt it was unfair, considering that the gap between male and female pay is shrinking, which means that women should be expected to contribute to a first date.Now there are some social cues, which I would be glad to relinquish; helping with my seat or closing the door on my own vehicle.Moreover, they enjoy doing this together with their partner.Only 5% of Dutch men said they hated the daily walk to the supermarket.However, going dutch, or heck, even paying for a first date, ain’t one of them.In fact, I have never in my 35 years–15 plus years of those spent dating–ever, and I mean ever, had a man try to split a tab with me on the first date. It’s always nice to pick up your date, but it’s definitely okay to meet her at the restaurant.Once you two have been dating a while, then it’s safe to expect her to start taking care of dinner. On a first date, don’t ask her to come back to your place. Your home is an intimate and private place for you.

My feelings are that a woman has to have standards and boundaries.Step it up a notch and aim higher: go out with a girl that you feel so lucky to be with that you really want to pay. Which is ten times more valuable than the you were going to spend at Olive Garden...For my blog ideas, I talk to clients, read magazines, other blog posts, and comments.In this piece she tackles who should take the check. It’s not because I don’t think women can pay for themselves, or that men should have to just empty their pockets.However, from my studies this single action towards a stranger, significantly reduces your chances of a good experience.

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