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And when queer hookups do appear, it’s mostly in relation to gay cis men.

This is particularly troubling, because LGBTQ partners are very likely to experience some form of domestic violence in their lives across the letters, including 35.4 percent of women and 34.6 percent of trans partners, according to .

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Royal Oak officers are working with a special Troy investigative unit that includes other police departments to put surveillance on the park.

It comes as no surprise that drunkenness and sex often go hand in hand, that many students feel they would not be able to have sex with just anybody without the alcohol, and that the hookup often starts on the fraternity party dance floor.

What is surprising is the intentional lack of emotions allowed after the sexual encounter has taken place, with students deliberately acting cold toward each other after sex.

From there, Wade follows their romantic and sexual exploits, chronicling their highs and lows from the start of college to their post-undergrad years.

Wade, who works from both a sociological standpoint and a feminist one, breaks down some of the most difficult questions about college sex by looking at the history and statistics behind men’s and women’s hookups.

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The most interesting perspectives come from the journal entries written by students, in which they admit to wanting an emotionally charged relationship with someone but don’t want the stigma of being “uncool” or of losing the opportunity to “live their sexual lives freely.” An eye-opening, conversation-starting examination of sex on the American college campus.

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