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called “The Sports Gene” that examines the intersection of genetics and athleticism.

(She did.) Instead, I was almost immediately bombarded with emails from people wanting to know if their kid has Serena Williams’ genes.

“It was like Big Brother was always watching you.” The sequestration lasts five days.

Former Bachelorette Jillian Harris didn’t find her happy ending with ex-fiance Ed Swiderski after the season 5 finale of the reality dating series, but the 32-year-old Canadian native has moved on — in more ways than one.

And that's where new dating app NDER comes in."The inspiration behind NDER came from the rise in popularity of dating apps like Tinder and Hinge," Robert Rivani, the app's cofounder and president, told Here's how it works: You enter the guyt's phone number into NDER.

"If anyone else has inputted the same number, you're matched up and can chat anonymously about their shared connection," Rivani says.

I’m hoping that it will be syndicated in the States down the road. We’re always out doing something together, whether we’re on the boat or renting a scooter and scootering around town.”On the newer seasons of just because I don’t get it. People try their best not to hurt you, but sometimes you can’t help the way people feel. Ed has never had a lot of attention from girls, and now he’s getting it. I couldn’t control that he wasn’t ready, and it’s really helped me be friends with him.

She offered to send me more info if I was interested. A few days later, I got a package from Jill, and it was… Not ransom-note strange, but there were hand-drawn diagrams with cutouts of little cartoon weightlifters representing protein molecules. She off-handedly noted that certain hormones, like insulin, were too large to enter our cells directly; she referred to gene mutations by their specific DNA addresses, the way a scientist would. It was the first Canadian Olympic medal in track and field since 1996. It’s difficult to describe just how muscular she looks. is the woman Jill thought she shared a mutant gene with?

She had always struggled with her weight, but in January 2006, Kai Hibbard was in real trouble: At just 26 years old, her 5-foot-6 frame carried 265 pounds. “She said, ‘Hey, I love you, but you’re super-fat right now,’ ” Hibbard recalls.

Instead, it was a personal note from a 39-year-old Iowa mother named Jill Viles. It included a stack of family photos — the originals, not copies; a detailed medical history; scientific papers, and a 19-page, illustrated and bound packet. They almost couldn’t be skinnier, like the sticks jabbed into a snowman for arms. Priscilla is one of the best sprinters in Canadian history.

She was the muscular dystrophy patient, and she had an elaborate theory linking the gene mutation that made her muscles wither to an Olympic sprinter named Priscilla Lopes-Schliep. I flipped through the packet, and at first it seemed a little strange. One was of Jill, in a royal blue bikini, sitting at the beach. And her legs are so thin that her knee joint is as wide as her thigh. At the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, she won the bronze medal in the 100-meter hurdles.

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I’m very quirky, goofy, and sometimes a little scatterbrained, so this show is going to have a different vibe. And after it was done, I swore I would never go in front of the camera again. And when you can do that, you can find peace in yourself and you become a better human being and you attract better people.

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