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So, today, I don’t have to worry about the phone or some stranger I hooked up with …

Comedy in fashion, however, is a bit more uncharted.

His swept-back hair recedes slightly over gray temples — he’s 49 — but his face is ageless and so is his style: chunky black glasses, black Keds, flannel shirt, canvas jacket. ” he asks a manager, before inquiring about kits once owned by jazz greats Joe Morello, Elvin Jones, and Mel Lewis. Tito Puente used to play them, and as Fericito I played them.” Fericito, a manic, gold-toothed timbalist with corny punch lines, was the character Armisen chose to play when he auditioned for Saturday Night Live in 2002.

“When it comes to drums, we’re allowed to name-drop,” he says. “So they’ve been sort of like my good-luck charm,” he says, rolling his fingers over the weathered twin drums: trat, trat, trat-trat-trat-trat.

One errant sperm, and I could have child support payments.

Do you find intimacy in that area as you access it. I do, in that — a person I can be intimate with is a person who I don’t have sex with, which is to say, Carrie Brownstein [his Portlandia partner].

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But that didn't stop Opening Ceremony's Carol Lim and Humberto Leon from recruiting some of the industry's hottest comedians to play a part in their fall 2016 presentation, called "Pageant of the People," which takes place on Sept. correspondent Jessica Williams, Rosario Dawson and Rowan Blanchard.

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