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For all details and to answer your questions, call 866.529.0167 to speak with an enrollment specialist.K12 provides nearly 200 high school courses designed to help each student find his or her own path and follow it to post-high school success—whether that's in college or in the workforce.K12 also offers students the option to challenge themselves with honors courses in core subjects like math, history, and science.In partnerships with local colleges and universities, eligible students may enroll in courses at participating institutions and earn "dual credit"—applying college credit to both their high school diploma and a post-secondary degree.A competent and caring staff provides hands-on assistance as students work at their own maximal pace to complete individual programs of study.

James and Vicki Guthrie were divorced in 1998, and Vicki received custody of the couple’s three children. G., was described in the decree as having “special educational needs,” for which the parties would share tutoring costs. The court imputed income to James based on his earning ability and investments, and ordered him to pay 8 per month in child support until each child reached the age of eighteen or completed high school. He suffered from autism at that point and needed constant supervision. The divorce decree provided that James would pay support for the minor children “until each child reaches the age of eighteen (18) or completes high school, whichever occurs last.” J. Given these circumstances, the circuit court did not thoughtlessly or improvidently impute income to James based on part-time, minimum-wage work.

Students can participate in college workshops to help themselves prepare for life after high school.

K12 offers more than 20 Advanced Placement) courses ranging from English Literature and Composition, to Calculus, to Spanish and French.

K12's online courses can give your child the edge needed to deal with these and other credit recovery issues.

Because our courses are all online, your student will have the scheduling flexibility to retake courses to bring up his or her GPA, catch up to classmates, and get the credits necessary to graduate on time.

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For students who want to prepare for college, K12 offers programs, courses, and targeted support to help them build a successful future.

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