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However I helps you to save the little talk for later. I'm quite friendly because of my career, when i use people, I've found it a genuine blast.Just for fun I love cooking, visiting the movies as well as fun within the outdoors.

Anything other than this ‘self-fulfilment’ is leaving my happiness and life’s fulfilment in the hands of another – at the risk of being left with unfulfilled expectations and ultimately disappointment and in some cases, a serious blow to self confidence, self esteem and self worth…

Making your potential happiness the task and responsibility of another person is not being in control or empowered, it is not being in the driver’s seat and certainly not being the master operator of your life.

There is nothing healing about co-dependency and I am here to say, all the answers and the contentment you seek, come from within!

A new comer to this website and xxxfreechat if there is anybody special available?

I might seem like a great girl for you but I'm a real feisty animal within the bed room.

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In our experience, successful matches are not exactly the same, which makes the relationship even more interesting.

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