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“G-Dragon has not seen Sulli since they hung out in Lotte World with friends,” a YG representative told Star News on March 16.Regarding the heart-shaped couple rings, the YG representative said, “G-Dragon’s acquaintance gave (the ring) to several people as a gift.”G-Dragon had picked f(x)'s Sulli as the cutest girl group member back in 2011. Bet it'll be all over the news the day after tomorrow.""That's not a problem here. He watches as Seunghyun rub his hands together and shove it in his pocket. Noona," Seunghyun exclaimed as Sun Ye approach them. In G-dragon's shock his love turned to him, squeezed his arms with his intense and delicate hands, looked at him deeply in the eyes and leaned toward him. Seunghyun settled back to his seat."Thanks," Jiyong smiled weakly."Don't force yourself to talk anymore just get some sleep. He took a deep breathe; "We should get inside its getting cold," he started walking. Bigbang's G-dragon and TOP were in front of Souel's most enormous mall. It was a cold rainy afternoon and Jiyong's not feeling well but still for his love, he came. Here he was sitting right next to the boy he love the most but couldn't even talk nor show how felt about him. He stood up to leave the room but in his surprise, Jiyong seized him by the wrist and said, "Hyung, please stay."It was a voice of an angel.

Sorry, G-Dragon/Sulli shippers, but it looks like the two are nothing more but friends!Could it be possible that our kid leader of SNSD and world famous leader of BIG BANG are dating?The idea of the two dating had been circulating the rumor mill for a long time now.The Sulli and G-Dragon dating rumor started when they visited Lotte World amusement park with Ga In and Goo Hara early February.The rumor spread further when people started saw G-Dragon and Sulli wearing “couple rings.” Some people also speculated that Sulli and G-Dragon flew first class on Korean Air together, arguing that the man Sulli rested her head against on flight was G-Dragon’s manager.https:// TA3/ BIGBANG’s agency, YG Entertainment, denied all rumors.

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It looks like the email we have in your account is invalid. Former f(x) member Sulli was rumored to date BIGBANG’s G-Dragon on March 16 and Block B’s Zico on March 17.

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