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Error: Registry key 'Software\Java Soft\Java Runtime Environment'\Current Version' has value '1.5', but '1.7' is required. Short of that, if you've already tried some other guides and/or messed up your registries, the most certain way to deal with the problem is to delete all previous versions of Java (using "Programs and Features" uninstall process) and then re-install just the version you want to work with.Error: could not find Error: Could not find Java SE Runtime Environment. I'd suggest the distribution site at: it usually has the most stable version) Or look for a specific version you need from Oracle's site: from `C:\Windows\System32` gave me the same error as in the question, but executing it from any other directory worked fine and reported the latest version.

Java 1.7 is Installed and the Registry is Pointing to it I had various JDK from 1.5 to 1.7 installed on my PC.

Launch registry editor by typing [regedit.exe] in the [Run] dialog accessible via [Start].

Editing the registry is not a difficult process but it does require care.

Rename Desktop System Icons - Windows XP gives you the ability to run a desktop devoid of system icons if that's your choice.

If you prefer to have the icons present but get tired of the generic names XP assigns, use the following method to easily change to something more personal or interesting.

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Force New Internet Explorer Window for Launching Shortcuts - By default, when you click a web link in an internet aware program, and there is already an Internet Explorer window open, the web page appears in the open browser window instead of opening a new window.

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