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IMbesharam, a company operating, that sells adult lifestyle or sexual wellness products, such as sex toys, kits, edible lingerie, lubricants, condoms, etc, online, claims it complies with all existing regulations.

"We're ready to tweak operations if the laws of the land demand so," Raj Armani, co-founder and chief of operations, told Business Standard.

In a shocking incident, a 16-year-old boy claimed that his best friend’s mother had been sexually assaulting him for the past three months.

According to a report in dna, the teenager gone to meet his best friend in Chembur, Mumbai, where his friend’s mother spiked his soft drink which made him lose consciousness, stripped him, forced herself upon him and recorded the act. She proceeded to blackmail the kid for the next three months, calling him to her house regularly.

Moreover, she claimed that she was pregnant and that she would accuse him of rape if he ever told anybody what had happened.’ Speaking about the police complaint, the father continued, ‘The senior police officials were very helpful, they instilled faith in my child and told him to record his statement so that they could take action against the woman,’ said the victim’s father.

Senior police inspector of the RCF police station in Chembur told dna: We have received a written complaint and are conducting a preliminary inquiry because the matter is very sensitive. It will be registered once the enquiry is completed.’ Can a woman rape a man?

The said section criminalises human trafficking, including slavery and sexual exploitation.The fact that the top court has departed from established practice of not hearing oral submissions on curative petitions is perhaps a judicial acknowledgement of changing social realities on the contentious issue.The law Section 377 of IPC -- which came into force in 1862 -- defines unnatural offences.Homosexuality a taboo Homosexuality is considered a taboo in a largely conservative Indian society which appears to be divided on the controversial issue.Freedom loving people (not necessarily belonging to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender or LGBT community) want homosexuality de-criminalised but many still consider it a “deviant behaviour” and not merely a question of one’s sexual orientation or preference.

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Implications for heterosexuals The case has implications for heterosexuals also, as consensual sexual acts of adults such as oral and anal sex in private are currently treated as unnatural and punishable under Section 377 IPC.

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