Liquidating distribution on 1099

For the IRS to view a cash liquidating distribution as taxable to its recipient, the amount received must exceed the taxpayer's basis in the corporation's stock.In general, a stockholder's basis equals the amount he pays to acquire stock in a corporation, including commissions and related fees.Shareholders should consult their Forms 1099-DIV as provided previously for each year for dollar amounts, and shareholders must contact their tax advisors.The following Q&A and Cost Basis Calculator are designed to help you understand the tax implications of the initial liquidating distribution of .20 per share paid to shareholders in December 2016 and the remaining liquidating distributions.It’s self-explanatory with the payer’s and your name, address, tax payer ID number, or social security number. Box 1a reports the total ordinary dividends that were paid. This includes short-term capital gains paid by mutual funds and dividends paid by money market funds. This is the portion of ordinary dividends that qualify for the lower long-term capital gains rate.Many investors choose to invest in dividend-bearing stocks, or mutual funds focusing on dividend payers, as part of their portfolio. Investing in dividend-bearing stocks can be a great choice for investors who are thinking long-term.

Unfortunately, not all dividends and distributions are taxed the same. In turn, it might even help you build a more tax efficient investment strategy and lower your taxes in the long run.You may receive dividends in stock or cash, and you can frequently reinvest cash dividends to buy more stock.Depending upon how you receive dividends, you may need to plan ahead for tax day.A corporation may render noncash liquidating distributions, cash liquidating dividends or both.The Internal Revenue Service requires a recipient of a cash liquidating distribution to record the amount he receives on Line 8 of Form 1099-DIV.

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Simply put, instead of receiving $3.24 in dividends, the company automatically purchases for you however many shares (or portions of a share) that $3.24 will buy.

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