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Let me go a step further and make the forceful assertion that in the red hot mobile computing segment (inclusive of smart phones, media players and tablet devices), anything that Nokia, RIM/Blackberry and even Google Android are doing is simply orthogonal to Apple’s i OS-based device play (i Phone, i Pod touch, i Pad). That is why it’s laughable that the latest meme du jour, “The Apps Lifestyle” — and believe me, it is a lifestyle — is ridiculously framed as a trend of the multi-vendor “cell phones” segment. The clear-cut truth is that Apple’s i OS device platform is the staging ground of the Apps Lifestyle, something that ~90-percent of i OS device owners “get” to the point of it being intrinsic, assumed and embedded.

By contrast, maybe 15 percent of non-i OS device owners embrace The Apps Lifestyle, or even know what it means, and that’s probably being generous.

In this video blog (the video, above, is PG rated but the language is explicit), I revisit the tour and get an update from Bill about the strong reaction to the original video, which includes a frank conversation on barebacking, the risk of other STD’s, and serosorting.

Serosorting, or limiting sexual partners to those who share your HIV status, has become the de facto prevention technique for many gay men with HIV.

The idea that HIV positive people still want sex is as old as The Denver Principles, the 1983 manifesto drawn up by gay men with AIDS that demanded “as full and satisfying a sexual and emotional life as anyone else.” The document also stated that people with HIV/AIDS have an ethical responsibility to inform their potential sex partners of their health status.

Fast forward to today, and HIV positive gay men are as open as ever about their status and their sexual preferences (setting aside, if we can for the moment, the increased stigma and discrimination facing HIV positive people of all stripes who disclose their status these days).

The company’s stock is up 3,000 percent since the launch of i Pod, 125 percent since the launch of i Phone, and 20 percent since the launch of i Pad.

Like broad strokes of a paintbrush, my words were recreating whole scenes — memories of past incidents, areas of confusion.

Stanton attended Verdugo Hills High School in Tujunga, California and started his baseball career at Tujunga Little League before he transferred to Notre Dame High School in Sherman Oaks, California, where he was a three-sport athlete.

He had accepted a scholarship to play baseball for Tulane, and received offers from UCLA, UNLV and USC to play football.

However, it was found out he wasn't eligible as his Puerto Rican ancestry wasn't considered significant enough to represent the team according to the World Baseball Classic rules.

Stanton began his career for the Gulf Coast League Marlins, but quickly advanced to the Single-A short season New York–Penn League, playing for the Jamestown Jammers.

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