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Stock Option Backdating The Ninth Circuit chronicled three instances implicating Roberts in backdating stock option grants.

Although Martin did not commence employment until December 2001, the committee voted to date the options as of October 30, 2001.TEXT OF INTERVIEWKAI RYSSDAL: The official word is they resigned. No admissions of intentional wrongdoing by anybody. Charles Elson teaches corporate governance at the University of Delaware.And that might save some face for the now-former CEO's and chairmen of Mc Afee and CNET. Professor Elson, remind us what this options scandal is.Mc Afees directors have also named Dale Fuller as the firms interim CEO and president.Fuller joined the Mc Afee Board in January 2006 and previously served as CEO and president of Borland Software. The executive shakeup comes after an internal investigation into the Mc Afees stock option reporting policies over the past 10 years.

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