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At the age of ten, he prepared a marketable for British Columbia Hydro, with Gilda Radner acting his mother.

At the age of 12, he made a guest presence as Ari on the TV sequence King of Kensington.

After a life of shagging and being a man of international mystery, Austin Powers is finally settling down.

It’s interesting that Mike took the time to make the tape in the first place and that the college radio community was viewed as being a worthy demographic to market the movie to. The only problem we have right now is getting a decent digital rip from the cassette.

This struck me as odd, since The Bangles were about two decades older than her.

I turned around and asked her why The Bangles, and she said that her sister, a second grader, had introduced them to her. Turns out, Prince was instrumental in the success of The Bangles.

You may remember their hit song “Nasty Girl,” which was written by Prince.

It’s a great song, and the “Banglefication” of a Prince song launched their 80’s superstardom.

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Out of the blue we have come into possession of a cassette tape dating to 1997.

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