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While in Los Angeles, as also a Muslim man of West African descent, a moroccan male friend of my Mosque invited me in Morocco to meet a girl for marriage. I have always wanted to marry a great muslim woman.I traveled there and meet a nice women "hijab wearing" praying all the time and on time.A Christian man in the West can't force a wife, no matter what her religion is,to change her religion, or to eat or serve pork, teach her children christianity, or even force her to have sex with him (marital rape is illegal).That was the case centuries ago, When in Europe a wife was just the property of her husband.Muslim men are not required to commit apostasy in order to marry a Christian woman in the West, why Christian men in Morocco are not given the same right??I have read about the reason that Christian men can't marry Muslims,but those are just baseless assumptions that don't apply to the 21th century.Things like she could just stay 3 months before divorcing with her ex husband abroad in France, her male sibling were all into drugs...

Btw why do you care that much about moroccan people, why dont you go rebuild your country or is that already done by “the far west” ; )) And since your girls are that great, why do you men take long flights to get to know other girls abroad, please stop being silly and now go put yourself down on an arabic mat and smoke shesha or go ride your Camels they must be waiting!

Nowadays in 2010, women are not property and can live their lives as they see fit within marriage.

I used to be with a Budhist woman and I didn't interfere in her religion at all.

Some even travel specifically to Morocco to meet those girls.

Every time I open this subject with a guy, I see a big smile on his face, why?

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