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Finnegan told reporters postgame, “Maybe it’s in his blood. I pulled back the face of what that dude really is.” He deals with it a lot. Here’s some background: While Beckham’s off-the-field life has mostly stayed out of the headlines, there’s not a shred of evidence that he’s gay.

Maybe it’s female-related,” while Norman said, “You’re going to be Michael Jackson and go around and dancing and playing and a lot of other stuff and not be a football player and not train the way you’re supposed to train. For some reason, everybody goes after him with gay slurs. He has the hairdo out, he’s not the big muscular kind of dude. In fact, the few times that he’s made it onto the gossip pages, the subject has been rumored relationships with women.

New York has a history of supporting the LGBT community and groups.

Joan Tisch worked with gay men with AIDS in the 80s and GMHS (formerly Gay Men’s Health Crisis) is located in the Tisch Building.

But while Beckham’s on-field actions were eye-opening, the Pro Bowl wideout was the subject of even more attention the following day, when reports emerged that he was provoked by anti-gay slurs from Panthers players during pregame warmups.

ESPN’s Ian O’Connor reported that Giants players on the field heard Carolina defensive players directing anti-gay slurs and expletives at Beckham before the game.

"They were cozy and cuddly."A source told PEOPLE the New York Giants wide receiver and the Keeping up with the Kardashians star sparked at Scott Disick's Las Vegas birthday party before getting very friendly at Drake's beachside 2016 Memorial Day bash.

Plenty of NFL players have scored well-known women as their off-the-field teammates, with wives and girlfriends like Gisele Bündchen and Kristin Cavallari supporting their other halves from the stands.

While Gisele and Tom Brady may be one of the most famous celebrity-athlete couples with a player who's still on the roster, other stars like Jessica Simpson have found love with former football pros who have moved on from the game.

Most recently, Ciara stepped out with a winning QB, so take a look at some of the famous females who have become number-one fans over the years, then check out inspiring Hollywood love stories!

Professional athletes are some of the most famous, wealthy and attractive individuals on the planet.

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