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Finally, it returns a new File Info object that describes the overwritten file.

In Translations: Fundraising 2012/Translation/Donor information pages/4g/en what is the context of 'country of origin'?

Last year, only the UK chapter contact was provided (by me) and everybody else had to research the contacts themselves.

If the system is different this year, we also need to know as soon as possible what the hoops are that we have to go through this year in order to decide whether we are wasting our time translating on meta, if the chapters are not going to be using our translations anyway.

Further translations into German are probably useless.

The central California population is growing due to ongoing releases, wild nesting and the care we provide them but they are wild.Adult females often remain near rookeries year-round, whereas males and juvenile females move north after the breeding season.The number of sea lions at PIER 39 typically increases after the first week of August.How is the message used in the interface, and to what does 'origin' refer?Lloffiwr (talk) , 9 September 2012 (UTC) This tip - 'Some Wikimedia chapters have a fundraising agreement with the WMF, and handle their own fundraising campaigns in their respective countries.' - is far too vague.

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