Npr speed dating language

Function words tie sentences together, but they are essentially invisible.

"These are the words that we don't pay attention to, and they're the ones that are so interesting,” Pennebaker told NPR.

The pictures were misleading, his little intro video came across as super inauthentic and I immediately knew why he wasn’t getting dates.

If one starts with a participle — such as ‘organizing’ or ‘coordinating’ — they all should start with a participle.

Now imagine that the whole time you two were talking, scientists were sitting under the table transcribing the conversation.

(It's creepy, but bear with me.) By the end of the night, those scientists could tell you pretty quickly how likely it is that your date wants to see you again.

The 40 conversations that the researchers analyzed took place during a study on speed dating among heterosexual men and women.

Participants went on four-minute dates that researchers recorded.

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“I think it is — you’re talking about you accomplishments,” she said.

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