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If you've been relying on contraception for a few years, it can seem like you should get pregnant the second you stop popping the Pill or unrolling those condoms.

But it can actually be a little harder to get a bun in the oven than you may think."The average person under the age of 35 should get pregnant within one year [of trying]," Brian Levine, M.

The end of your 1st trimester is well and truly in sight.

There’s no going back now and at 11 weeks pregnant, you are almost a third of your way through your entire pregnancy.

For couples who are trying to conceive, the chance of it happening within a year all depends on their age.

When the woman is 35 years or younger, the monthly chance of pregnancy is about 20 percent.

"Even if the timing is perfect, the chance of any one given egg resulting in a pregnancy is pretty low," Lauren Roth, M. The biggest issue is that something can be genetically up with an egg, she explains.

D., a reproductive endocrinologist who treats patients at Shady Grove Fertility's Harrisburg, Pa. That can make it hard for the egg to get fertilized or implant properly.

If there is sperm waiting around at that time, there is a good chance it will be fertilised and grow into a baby.

Statistically, there is a slightly higher chance of you carrying a boy than a girl.

Your partner will have determined the sex of your baby, not you, and this was done way back in your 3rd week.

If you do have an infection your partner should wear a condom to ensure he doesn't become infected too.

Studies have also shown that in a normal, healthy pregnancy, there's no link between having sex and premature birth.

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Your monthly visitor can hint at whether all your baby-making parts are in good working order.

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