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I've checked the site on browserstack in case it's my cache, do you think browserstacks could be cached too?(im thinking it will refresh from time to time) The favicon is located in /site, so I'm sure the path is correct, also pointed the file in the header. , My computer was heavily cashed, not even removing the cache or using browserstacks / incognito view will let me see the favicon (all of them were cashed).

In this example, my Favicon database file has grown to 10.7 MB, which doesn’t sound like a lot, but considering that Safari has to search this every time you go to a web page, it can impact it’s speed noticeably 4.In one instance, Safari uses the Facebook icon for Messenger despite the Messenger icon being used in the head section of the page source. Edit: To clarify, the proper icon appears in the bookmarks menu and the bookmarks editor window. As you can see it is the correct favicon in the address bar. [Bookmark Panel]( I have not found a solution for the problem. The following will help to understand better (in order of preference): - search for Favicon on Wikipedia - - folder to find the actual image files.I tried deleting the Webpage file from Safari's Library folder, and I have cleared Safari history and website data across all my devices. However, the icon is used in the Smart Search Field. I have deleted and re-created the bookmark (no joy). Your choice here is you can replace the offending image with the one you want and restart Safari to have it load that, or just trash the whole Touch Icons Cache folder entirely.So i used another pc and it was working fine in all browsers. I have a Grails application running locally using its own tomcat and I have just changed the favicon for a new one. The old favicon shows up or I get no favicon at all, but not my new one. I have numerous bookmarks in my browser which have the wrong icons and they never seem to get refreshed.

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