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On the gentle south-facing slope of Minions Moor, a landscape heavily scarred by mining and quarrying, stand the three great stone circles known as the Hurlers.

Folk tales explain that the stones represent local people turned to stone by a humourless deity for playing the game of hurling on the Sabbath.

Instead my two-day plan is one that looks good on paper…but the reality is that time flies when you’re traveling (getting lost, waiting in line, sidetracked by shopping/coffee break, etc).

Originally all the circles are said to have contained twenty nine stones (though the central circle is considerably larger than the other two) and it was Carew who noted the ...strange observation that a re-doubled numbering never eveneth with the first.Dating to the early Bronze Age, the Hurlers lie in a remarkable ceremonial landscape of stone circles, stone rows, standing stones, cists and cairns.A particular feature of the monuments in this area is their tendency to refer to significant tors and horizon features, especially the tor enclosure on Stowes Hill and the group of large barrows on Caradon Hill.The numerous alignments apparent in this area suggest that the Hurlers may have been part of an important processional route.The area has been extensively disturbed by mining and only the central circle has a large proportion of its stones in-situ, but this is because they were reset after the site was excavated by Raleigh-Radford in 1935-6.

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Audrey leaves her religious, restrictive parents behind and aims for Chicago’s downtown skyline, dating recklessly and staring down each grueling workday one Chicago Dog at a time.

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