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(This suggestion is usually accurate, but not always—sometimes a serious character just has funny hair.) Even if a character is not specifically stupid, naïve, or particularly odd, the ahoge also usually represents a general quality about them in general. It can also be used to show that Something Else Also Rises.

The new parents couldn't be happier: Gladell & Delightra (sisters), Luvit, Delecta, Delite, Joyette, Joi, Joyia, Joyellen, Joycell, Hallah Lujah, Bliss, Joyanne, Marvalee, Evol ("love" spelled backwards) Cleanliness is next to Godliness: Zestpoole, Sparkle, Sterling The Ward Choir Director's Daughters: Aria, Audia, Aurel, Choral, La Voice, Staccato, Tonilee, Capella, Chime, Rocksan Violin, Du Rant, Sonica Jewels every one: Amulet, Pearlette, Pearlene, Emerald, Jewly Ann, Ahmre Jade, Treasure Tonya, Ruby Buttercup, Turquoise Nova, Sequin, Amethist, Opalgene.

Marvel blew up the whole Internet when they announced that the next iteration of Thor will be a woman.

Though this news is definitely shocking to fans (who is Marvel to mess with Norse mythology?

I shall refrain from citing the family's last name, but these are the names of the children: Tia Rachelle, Caleb Washington, Trixie Petunia Pineapple, Ruby Buttercup, Superstar 5 Jemima, Falcon JAsper, Sassafras Sapphire Sophronia, Blackstone Bruce Leroy, Valkyrie Rose Svava Lyn and Royal Teancum (twins).

And the only way this dishonor can be so daringly carried out is by disregarding God while we are in the sway of our lust — disregarding the promises and warnings of having or losing the beauties of Christ. I would stake my life on the assumption that no one in this room is absolutely addicted to pornography or any sexual sin.

Everything else about him is fine, but that single strand of his hair is defying all laws of gravity.

Civil Engineering - Transportation Effect of Traffic Combination on Environmental Emissions Faculty Mentor: Dr.

#636 "The Great Switcheroo," Archie and his pals take a look at life from the opposite gender's eyes (don't worry, everyone is still super cute).

After the gang's incessant arguing that the other sex has it better, guest star teen-witch Sabrina's magical, mischievous cat, Salem, decides to let them decide for themselves – by turning them into opposite sex! First, Lois Lane temporarily gained Superman's powers and had a costume to match him.

Dad was a plumber: Valva, Be Dae, Latrina, La Jonne, Digger Dad worked for the postal service: Mailene Dad's a lawyer: Justicia Dad had a hernia: Truss Mom likes craft stores: Wreatha Less is more: La, Oa, NB, T, M, Q, JJ, J'l, Hi-D I hope the computer will accept apostrophes in the name fields: D'Ann, D'Aun, D'Bora, D'Dee, D'Elise, D'Loaf, D'Shara, E'all, L'Deane, L'or L, Ja'mon, J'Costa, J'dean, J'Leen, J'net, J'Shara, J'Vonna, La'Donis, Me'shell, M'Jean, M'Kaaylie, M'Kenna, Mi'Lara, M'Lisa, M'Liss, M'Lu, M'Recia, O'lea, R'dell, R'lene, Shan'l, Young'n, B'andra, De'lys, D'Dree, La'neen Wow! : Wavie, Zhalore, La Tanna, Tressa, La Dreama, Amourette Fluid-related: Thermos, Soda, Logan River, Jordan River, Susquehannah, Canteen, Creekson, Fluett, Echo Rain When simple alphabetic characters aren't enough: K-8 (pronounced "Kate," I guess) Politically incorrect: Sambo, Aryion Heard chanted in the Salt Lake airport: Ara-Om Has food connotations: Dianarea, Dicey, Vindalu, Blenda, Strawberry, Sugarlee, Beena, Pork Chop, Sesami, Jar, Karmel, Kresent, Taffi Lyn, Chipo, Spoon, Samuella, Choc Had breathing problems in the hospital nursery: Azure, Syrullean, Indigo, Teal You might find in a forest: Wrendie, Jilbear, Timber, Oaks, Pixie, La Fawnduh, Fawn-Dew, Ember, Bird, Magpie, Serenity Fawn, Paradi, L'Aire, Brookelle, Sylvan, Fawna, Lawn, Rain, Gazelle, El Fawn, Aspen, Acacia, Panda, Briar, Rhodendra, Fernnola, Birdene, Hummingbird, Disney, Chinchilla Zest, Haven, Glade, Alanadel, Critton No doubt about it, this kid's in charge: Rexanne, Rexina, Rexine, Queenola, Dominee, Ruger, Messiah Angel, Oden, Rex Dee, Navy, Jentry, Czar, Lee Master, Quintessa, Marquessa, Leviathan, Captain.

Smells: Cachet, Reaka, Violeet, Avon, Budla Won't be found under a bushel: Kandle, Candle Faux ethnic: Laddie, Walkasheaqua, Bsjonet, Hishla, Chilnecha, Forthilda, Kaltighanna, Alainka, Chip-wa, Pawnece America, Zem Saxon, O'Ann, Wa Thene, Sheighlagh, Valliere, Reaux, El Myrrh.

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  1. What are the odds; on March 4th 1973, the Classics IV entered Billboard's Hot Top 100 chart at #100 with a completely different song titled "Rosanna", it remained on the chart for three weeks, peaking at #95...