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Movies for Grownups was created to spotlight and celebrate movies with storylines, performances and filmaking that have distinct relevance to 50-plus audience.Today these movies are celebrated in reviews by Bill Newcott and Meg Grant, across media channels, including on-line and offline and at special events.Some guys like to stretch at the hotel before they come but not really too much while they’re here. If you had been by my office, which is really close to Anaheim, you would have seen the guys just lined up inside there, all the little bumps and bruises. So injury management is a big part of it because you’re not going to ride a dirt bike without having some sort of injury. I certainly need to get with the times and do that, but on social media it’s Dr Feel Good MX.So you’ve just got to learn each rider and their quirks, their superstitions, what they like and what they don’t. It’s about managing it and learning how to adapt to it and just healing it faster, so it’s not there, so again nothing’s on their mind except riding a dirt bike as fast as they can. That’s my Instagram and my office is in Brea on Imperial Highway, it’s at OC Medical Center.But again, working with Justin since basically he turned pro, we’ve got a good relationship. If he comes back and he’s had a little spill or something happens, all he has to do is just tell me, this is what happened, and I’ve got the ice packs or the creams or the lotions, we’ll rub it out, we’ll stretch it out, whatever we got to do. That’s another good thing that helps because it’s a full-service office with medical doctors as well.We’ve got some stim units, electro-stim therapy units here. We have somewhat of a protocol, but each race is different and unique. So when the guys are sick, which at this time of the year the colds and flus are certainly there, the guys are able to come and get any kind of antibiotics or any other thing that they need there too. It gets tiring sometimes absolutely but when it’s not fun anymore I won’t be here and I’ve been here for many years, so it’s still that much fun.

So like a pongé (a light material mix of silk and wool) both Grant and Roden individually and collaboratively remove a veil and erect a semi-transparent barrier between their art and its sources to keep the viewer circling and seeking an entry without being able to find a single unequivocal route that accesses their core meanings.

Personally, I receive more messages from guys hitting on me than I do from people looking for professional advice or opportunities. While we don’t have exact numbers (Linked In declined to comment for this article), plenty of people we talked to had encountered a Linked In connection taking advantage of the site’s, um, alternative uses.

Sometimes it feels like I can no longer trust my Linked In inbox: Like, I’ve been sent dick pics via Linked In on separate occasions. Molly Fedick, a dating app expert and editor-in-chief of Hinge’s official blog, IRL, says that though she thinks using Linked In as a dating app is totally inappropriate, she can understand why someone would do it.

“People could think what they want and I’m going to let them.” She then laughed some more.

“He’s a beautiful man and I think I’m quite a lovely young lady,” she said.

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