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One wrote on Twitter: “Did them girls just walk out on bear, absolutely love that #Celebs Go Dating” “Ha ha Bear got dumped, about time he is vile! Clarice, a magazine stylist, botches every potential relationship without ever understanding why.Sneaking off to the toilet, the girls told cameras that they weren’t impressed by Bear’s behaviour.“There’s been a few comments that aren’t appropriate,” one explained.Swift’s agent Rod Steelman confirmed this morning that she has been accepted into the Monastery of Our Lady of Perpetual Disappointment, a convent exclusively for women who respond to a calling immediately after experiencing a devastating breakup.“She told me a few months ago that she had discerned entering a convent every time she had ever had a breakup, but that this last breakup was different,” Steelman told EOTT.Still, Smith was concerned about the optics of dating a subordinate. It doesn't just fall out of the sky nor does it happen out of nowhere. What we do on a constant basis and what we incorporate into our lives are what create our future. The difference between the successful people and the unsuccessful people of the world comes down to their different habits.

Internationally acclaimed, DUTY DATING is the magical film that entertains you and shows you exactly how to meet and marry your man.

There is no book or movie you can watch to get you there. Those who are successful have set forth the habits to get them there and those who are not dwell on their terrible habits that they have acquired and will never change.

The difference between the habits comes down to the person.

“They’re spending a lot of time together,” a source told Page Six in April. She rarely goes out to spend time [with Joel] and instead stays in the city near Yigal.” “She even leaves her dogs at his showroom. Other sources said at the time that Joel — who has been on tour — was being told by friends to ditch his much younger wife when the tour ends in August, but apparently he had had enough. I don’t want to say anything.” Joel married Katie Lee in a lavish wedding in October 2004 at his home in Oyster Bay, LI, after they had been dating for a year. His daughter from his previous marriage to supermodel Christie Brinkley, Alexa Ray Joel — who is just four years younger than Katie Lee — served as maid of honor. While the West Virginia-born beauty could easily have lived off her hubby’s wealth, she stayed busy as a “professional foodie,” hosting the first season of Bravo’s “Top Chef” reality program and putting out her own cookbook.

The final straw came when Katie Lee asked Billy to go with her to a party she was hosting in the Hamptons on June 13 and he exploded. Joel told The Post on the front porch of his Sagaponack spread that he “can’t talk about it.” “Oh, boy, here we go,” he said. “I don’t want to just be Billy Joel’s wife,” she told Page Six Magazine last year. It doesn’t matter who I’m married to — I’m going to have my own job and my own identity.” “If I didn’t work, they’d say, ‘She just sits around and spends his money and eats bonbons,’ ” she added.

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“After nearly five years of marriage, Billy Joel and Katie Lee Joel have decided to separate.

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  1. A paper for girls and a paper for boys were handed out to 11th graders in the required "adult roles and financial literacy class.” Jenn’s daughter was given the assignment Monday. The paper for the boys tells them to say what you're going to order so she will have a guide in ordering.