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Previously, Sins: Rebellion's 32-bit process was unable to exceed 2 GB of RAM usage.

New adjustments in v1.9 allows the game to use up to 4 GB of RAM, which reduces crashes and lets modders focus on their creations instead of worrying about hitting the 32-bit limit.

Then we were introduced to the 120 watt Portable Solar Kit.

With a street price just over 0 this no installation folding panel produces equal power for way less cost than our previous roof mounted solar setup. After leaving the show we did a little research on the company and found they offer a host of other solar powered products.

Mid Nite Solar makes no guarantees as to how it works in installations!

Over the next 20 years, utilities will have to invest a projected trillion to modernize our electric grid, most of which is past the age of retirement.

We will We are launching a new product called SDO Dashboard.

The product is located here: https://nasa.gov/data/dashboard and is available for use.

Modern gamers will enjoy an incredible remastered 4K experience, optimizations to late-game play, and improved memory capabilities. The improvements to the memory system have allowed for a new "Extreme" texture setting that makes the game look better than ever.

The Classic Status 4 Plus Version now includes monitoring up to 5 Mid Nite Classic Charge Contollers and the monitoring of two Conext XW Inverters with the Conext Com Box.

Web Monitoring is also now available with the Classic Status 4 Plus.

We have some software that was written by an individual who is not connected with Mid Nite.

It basically allows you to program your Outback gear and Classic as well as monitor it.

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Any mods that already exist will benefit from the engine improvements with an overall better look and performance.

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