Updating windows photo gallery

To update your photo gallery, use the Windows Essentials updater if Windows Photo Gallery indicates the availability of updates.

Alternatively, use the Windows Essentials Web installer to update the photo gallery to the latest build.

Once the update process is complete, press Close, and come out of Windows Photo Gallery. To update the photo gallery when no update availability notification is given, obtain the Windows Essentials Web installer from

Download the file, and open it to open the Windows Essentials box.

Next, click on Choose the Programs You Want to Install, and deselect any applications of Windows Essentials that are not to be installed. After the update process is finished, press Close to come out of the Windows Essentials box.Minor releases (the third number in the version numbering scheme) represent updates, also known as "maintenance releases".Major releases contain new features (compared to the previous major release), minor releases do not contain new features, but only bug fixes and slight improvements (like additional language files).This is more of an issue for people who are installing Windows 10 frequently, and probably isn't something most people will care about. I was super excited to see live folders make their way to the Creators Update on desktop, and although they work well, they're missing one crucial feature that helps with organizing my Start menu. Microsoft seemingly forgot to add this functionality, which is odd considering the feature exists on Windows 10 Mobile.It's a simple feature that's missing, and I'm sure most people are able to live without it.

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