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Thank goodness for planners, otherwise he would be running around in circles. Darkness was consuming the songs on what would become , but with Michael, he helped pull out the hope in Sixx’s resurrection, which in turn has given hope to many listeners.If you are not familiar with this man of many achievements, then you are missing out on a rare talent who is actually more comfortable turning knobs in the studio than standing on a stage in front of a few thousand people who are showering him with adulation. With songs such as “Life Is Beautiful”, “Tomorrow” and “Accidents Can Happen” words have become powerful affirmations to a life that in reality can indeed be beautiful.Now that I have a little wisdom to work with, I understand there is someone out there for P1 Scrub Guy!

Bassist, pianist and backing vocalist for the hard rock band Shinedown who joined the group in 2007 after opening his own recording studio called Ocean Industries.It was only for 1 night and only 3 songs, but it was great to see.I don't know when, but I think the boys are going to get back together for another album and some touring.Plus, depending on how this goes, I am working on booking the first ever 19 Year Old Virgin Dating Game, starring a young lady P1!So, ladies, if you're out there saying you want a nice guy, and you actually mean it, you oughta give P1 Scrub Guy a shot this week! And once we find him some love, we will work on findind a mate for a virgin P1!

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  1. Now: Clark later appeared on Then: Jerry starts dating George's (Jason Alexander) ex-girlfriend when he picks up his friend's books from her apartment. Now: Kolis made the '90s sitcom rounds on Then: Jerry and Elaine dated before the show's timeline begins, but in "The Deal," they give their relationship another go, first devising a series of rules ("spending the night is optional," for instance) to protect their friendship.