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By their senior year, girls are 14 percent more likely to have participated in a youth group than boys.

After the girls decide which one looks better ask a girl to come up and take a bite out of one of the cupcakes.They were both exactly the same color and shape…one was a little brighter and bigger, but that literally the only difference. I then picked it up and passed it to the student sitting beside me and said, “isn’t this apple just stupid?! ” Long story short, my kids got very into saying mean and hurtful things to this apple and dropping it in front of them.I then held up the other apple that was only slightly discolored and smaller and I said, “Gross. “I hate your skin.” “You’re an ugly color of red” “Your stem isn’t very long” “You’re probably full of worms” on and on and on….My son was the youngest in his group, and he was the littlest in size.It was the habit for Mormon families in our neighborhood to hold their children back in school a year, before starting kindergarten, to give them a developmental advantage over the other kids.

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