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Experience Haitian Dating in Rockland County, New York today.

Soul is an Haitian Dating meeting site for all Black singles living in Rockland County, New York and elsewhere.

Both lead male characters have sex with their love (or lust) interests; the character played by Willie Aames keeps a cabinet packed with condoms in his photo studio, and surreptitiously takes a nude photograph of the girl he has seduced.

During a dinner date, a teacher goes under the table and performs oral sex (not shown but strongly implied) on the principal. The lead character grows marijuana in a hidden part of the science lab -- when he is nearly caught by the principal he burns it in the school incinerator, where the baseball coach gets high from the smoke and has an extended hallucinogenic vision.

Taylor and Jackson used to be dating, but broke up because Jackson didn't like the way Taylor treated other people, but she doesn't seem to agree because she still likes Jackson and she tries to win him back, but she can't because Jackson has feelings for Zoey.

Jackson and Zoey get into a fight, concerning Zoey's app. At the end they start dating, and even go on a real date.

Soul is a Haitian Dating site that includes photo galleries, Black dating profiles and much more. I have to admit I'm not a very talkative person but I'm very sweet. I'd like a man that just makes me laugh and not too uptight In my own words : Je suis quelqu'un tres reserve comprehensif qui croit dans un lendemain meilleur.

One of the lead characters has implied sex with an adult high school administrative assistant on her desk.

Both lead characters have sex with their love interests, no nudity.

Jackson once dated Taylor Dean, but the feelings were one-sided (Taylor).

Zoey describes him as "a rebel who knows how to rock wearing sunglasses inside." Even though he seems cold sometimes, he shows care towards Zoey and he starts to fall for her.

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